I started to work with Chris right after my wedding. I'd done 6 months of personal training with another PT and had taken off the bulk of the weight I wanted to lose, so I was quite happy. By that time, I only wanted to lose a bit more of weight and, to be honest, I didn't think that I'd want to work with Chris for very long, since I was feeling much more confident and pretty.


Oh well, things changed rapidly. For starters, Chris was really involved in getting me to eat better. I mean REALLY involved. He asked for photos of what I ate and gave me tips on how to reduce calories without having to eat bland food. He used to tell me off if I went and ate bad stuff (he used

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to tell me off a lot, but that was on me!) and I felt like he was in this process as much as I was, which is what you need when you're putting a lot of effort and time onto to a difficult challenge. You want someone by your side. Anyway, one of the things that changed too was the style in which he worked. I was used to being given a monthly plan and train based on that. Chris used to make it up as he went along and actually got better results than the previous PT. He'd look at me every couple of weeks and he'd decide what we should be doing. He mixed a lot of different exercises and the sessions were never the same. Between getting me sweating and the motivational speeches, he'd also chat about current affairs (with Brexit going on we had a lot to discuss), so the sessions were fun and flew by!


I remember that I achieved my goal within a month and then decided to push harder. And, right before I got pregnant, I got to the weight I was when I was in my teens, but I was lean and toned. In fact, I remember how happy I was the day I managed to do a pull up all by myself, it was my proudest moment. Unfortunately, I was training on my own that day and I had no one to celebrate it with, but I told Chris right away.


In summary, Chris is a very dedicated PT who is creative and really understands what their clients need to do to get results. He's someone I recommend to hire if you're going to go through with whatever challenge you've set for yourself because he'll push you and get you going when motivation is low. I would hire him again in a heartbeat, the minute I can get time off my baby I'll be knocking on his door!

If you are looking for a Personal Trainer in Central London, I really recommend Chris!