David is a successful professional in his early 40s.  He had been training for many years but he had never made the progress that he wanted.  Either he put on the pounds as he ate too much and badly during stressful periods in his work or he starved himself eating only fruit and vegetables in an attempt to get slim enough for the summer.  He did a lot of cardio, making him leaner but also losing lean mass at the same time.  Though he didn't know it, he was looking for a personal trainer.


He started working with Chris, who worked close to his central London home near Old Street, and with a few simple steps he saw big results.  Chris changed his diet to a high protein diet, making him fuller during the day.  They reduced the cardio that David did and gave him more weight training instead.


As a result, in just four months David gained 5 kgs of muscle, getting much leaner at the same time.