So you want to lose some weight. Maybe you want to lose quite a lot of weight. I expect you've tried dieting and exercising before. That may have worked, but not in the long term. Through my personal training program I will teach you how to exercise, what to eat and when to eat it, leaving you feeling healthier (actually, you will be healthier) and with more energy. And you will be able to stick to it, with just a bit of effort on your part.



I focus on two elements to help you lose weight:

  • The sessions we do together

  • Your diet



The workout part of the weight loss programme will involve exercising two to three times a week. The workouts involve a combination of strength exercises and highly aerobic exercises. I vary the exercises and equipment so you will never get the chance to get bored.

You'll find yourself lifting weights and using a very wide range of gym equipment from kettlebells, barbells, dumbbells and machines of all types including cardio machines. It should be fun and educational. I mix up the techniques as well. So you could be doing supersets, circuits, interval training, sprints or training in still other ways. Don't worry if any of this is unfamiliar, I'll show you how to do everything.



There are three reasons I use weight lifting in as a personal trainer:

  1. There is a correlation between weight lifting and fat loss: a one-hour pt session lifting weights burns around 400 to 500kcal. That makes a big difference in setting up your calorific deficit all by itself.

  2. Your metabolism is much faster for a few hours after a workout. Training at the gym can really transform your body if done for a constant number of times a week for a decent period of time.

  3. Getting fitter will also help with dieting. A person with more lean mass can afford to eat more calories compared to a person that weights the same but does not have as much lean mass. So, the more lean mass you have, the easier it is to lose fat staying at the same weight.


Oh, and not to be overlooked, it can actually be fun, even if you're not particularly sporty




Losing weight is simple, you only have to:

  1. Burn more calories than you usually do (workout at the gym)

  2. Consume less calories that you usually eat


You must be in a caloric deficit. Or, in plain English, you have to burn more calories than you consume. This has nothing to do with starving oneself. We have also to choose the right food that keeps us full all day long and promotes lean mass.

It is also important to avoid fasting for too long, to avoid the metabolism to slow down. This is where most people go wrong with dieting. They are so concerned with keeping the calorie intake down that they don't look at the quality of what they eat. If you have struggled with diets in the past, that is probably where you have gone wrong. The good news is that the correct techniques are simple and easy to follow. There will be no fad diets or obscure ingredients; just straightforward principles that have proven success repeatedly.

I will design a diet around your life style choosing food that is easy for you to prepare and find. I will regularly review with you how you are doing and discuss any problems that you have had. My clients lead busy lifestyles, so I understand that sometimes eating can be difficult. I can help you work out the right choices.

There are two more points I’d like to cover in my approach to a healthy lifestyle.

  • It is very important to sleep enough hours during the night if you want to lose weight. Therefore, we'll talk about your sleeping patterns and how you can sleep better.

  • Higher levels of stress increase cortisol, which impairs fat loss. This is why I’ll be happy to discuss stress in your life and how that can be reduced.


If you follow my advice, you should feel a lot better in more ways than you would originally have expected!

doesn’t want a bit more fun in their life?




Much depends on your starting point and initial level of fitness, but you can reasonably expect to see some results within 8 weeks.

For a full body transformation, you need to be a bit more patient. That typically takes 3 months. Again, your starting point, initial level of fitness and commitment to following my advice are a large component of this.



Anyone who needs to lose weight. I've helped someone who started at 180kgs (28 stones). There's no such thing as too big to see results.

Whether you are a man or a woman, 18 or 60, brand new to the gym or a long-term gymgoer who just can't shift those pounds, I can help. If you're losing weight for a special occasion, I can help you target a particular weight for a particular day. My clients don't squeeze into their dream wedding dresses, they fit them beautifully.

Most of all, I can help you if you want to feel comfortable in your own skin in everyday life. I can help you feel secure and happy when you look at yourself in the mirror.