I first dipped my toe in the water in the gym as a teenager. A chubby teenager, to be more precise, determined to lose weight. I didn't know anything about training, so I was mirroring what other people did, hoping to learn how to train. The result is quite easy to predict: I was doing some random "should work" exercises, replicating the mistakes of the people around me. I was very inconsistent in my training routine (diet? forget about that!), even though I had a gym partner. Usually, after a month of "training", I was taking a break... A year-long break. The same story repeated itself for 2-3 years. Even though I gave up on the gym, my lifestyle was quite active and I lost about 10kg (mainly through running and swimming) but my body was still not in shape. 

Muscle Building tranformation Jarek

When I met Chris it was my now or never with the gym. I knew I needed support to learn how to train and find a way to stay consistent with training. I started from ground level - learning every single exercise and fixing my previous bad habits. From day one, Chris focused on my food habits - analysing what I eat, fixing it and making it suitable for my metabolism. Because of my lack of experience, my start was quite slow and easy - up to 3 workouts a week. But it was every week. And after that steady start, I could go up to 4 and 5 workouts a week, recovering much faster even after "killer" workouts. Consistency and dedication matter. Presently, training became a habit, part of my daily routine.


Training with Chris is heavily customised to the needs of my body. He knows precisely which parts I should focus more on and is providing the right exercises. Even though sometimes I disagree entirely with him, I have learned to listen to him and 'follow his orders'. He has done a really amazing job as my personal trainer and I never expected to achieve these kind of results. But, of course, sometimes after the workouts, I honestly hate him ;)