So you're not looking to lose weight. But your body sags and you don't feel good when you look in the mirror.  Your bum is flabby, the flesh on your arms droops a bit and your waist has spread.  You'd like to improve your muscle tone and improve your shape and symmetry. I can help with that.



Variety is the spice of life.  It's also the best way to get better muscle tone.  So we will work together to perform a wide range of exercises, varying the exercises as much as possible, challenging your muscles each time.

I will teach you compound exercises so you can train more muscles at the same time.  The more muscles you can move at the same time, the more areas you can tone up and the more calories you burn.

How will we do this?  We will work on exercises designed to have impact where you most want it.  So we will do a lot of exercises to focus on your bum, keeping your legs very toned and slim.  We will exercise to tone up the breast area and your arms. We will work on those love handles (and that back fat you can't see).

It's not all about the outside.  True beauty comes from within, they say, and that's also the case for superficial beauty.  So we will work on getting you a flat core. Your core should be trained at least three times a week so I will be emphasising core training a lot, especially at the end of each session.

We will end routines with exercises aimed at increasing your cardiovascular performance.



Did you know that muscles are much denser than fat? A kilogram of fat has about 18% more volume than a kilogram of lean mass.  So the first thing you need to do is stop getting on the scales and start looking in the mirror. Your weight is not that important.  If we manage to lower your fat and build your lean mass, you will look smaller, whatever your weight.

Fat is lost all over your body but in most quickly where we accumulate more. For women, fat gathers especially in the hips, glutes, legs and stomach area.  So those are the areas where you can expect to see it go fastest.

Some areas like legs and glutes might lose volume when you lose fat.  It is very important to build muscles in those areas to keep the skin toned and stretched.  I will make sure that your exercises are designed to do this.




If you train with me two or three times a week for an hour, you can expect to see results in 8 to 12 weeks.



I believe that training should be fun.  I am to make it that hour of the day when you can find a connection with your body.  Training will help you to feel more focused and less stressed in your everyday life.  Whether you train with me at the gym (I am a personal trainer based at Old Street and can travel to other gyms in central London as well) or outdoors, you will find it invigorates you.

But your fitness regime does not stop when you walk out of the gym.  It's about your whole lifestyle. Sleeping is very important to promote fat loss and improve muscle tone.  And having the right diet is very important if you are going to feel more energetic and shift fat and build muscles at the same time.  I can help you with that. We will look at your diet with a view to ensuring that your food includes high levels of vegetables, high levels of fibres and wholegrain food, and high levels of food containing lean protein and good fats.