Whether you are looking for a personal trainer to train you outdoors in public parks, or you are looking for a personal trainer to travel to you at home I can help you with that.


  • There are plenty of advantages training at the park or at home:

  • You save time travelling

  • You have more privacy

  • You can work out where you prefer

  • You are not waiting for gym equipment

  • You are not sharing gym equipment especially at the moment during the COVID crisis

  • You can train the time it suits you around your lifestyle


Training in the park or at home does not have to include just bodyweight exercises I provide very challenging routines using:


  • Adjustable dumbbells

  • Adjustable kettlebells

  • Resistance bands

  • Stretching bands

  • TRX


With over 10 years of experience, I tested and tried different techniques.

Ideal for those wanting to lose weight and tone up; beginners or intermediate clients; both male and female.