Phelicia got in touch with me about one year before her wedding. She decided to get a Personal Trainer to train her at the park near work. She had decided to get married in Cyprus, so she had to look in the best shape of her life considering she wanted to wear a wedding dress that would show off her arms and shoulders in the hot Cypriot summer.

She had long been trying to lose some weight but unfortunately, after very long hours of work, this was always hard for her. She hadn’t exercised properly for years and it was very hard for her to follow a diet plan since she had little time to cook her food. When we met she was around 83 kilos.  We didn’t have in mind a weight goal but she was very clear she wanted to look much better for her wedding the following July.  The first couple of months we trained in the park since the weather was still nice and warm, then we decided to move indoors so we could use more weights and cardio machines. 

Fat Loss Tranformation wedding Phelicia

We performed a lot of exercises to tone up her upper body especially around the arms and core area.

Phelicia had limited time to cook her breakfast and lunch, so we chose the best options of prepared food available in local grocery stores and shops so she could follow the diet.

After about 9 months training three times a week she lost about 20 kilos.  Her tummy is finally flat, her arms legs and bum are much smaller and toned and her posture has noticeably improved too.  Unfortunately, she had to buy a new wedding dress since the one she chose 8 months before the wedding was eventually too big to be retailored!