Every bride and groom wants to look at their very best on their wedding day.  I want to make you look amazing, and make sure that you look back at your wedding photos proudly.  

The photographer will advise you on how to get the best angles.  I can give you the best raw materials for him to work with.

I have successfully transformed the physiques of many brides and grooms.  Some brides wanted to lose several dress sizes to get into their dream wedding dresses.  Some brides and grooms wanted to get more toned.  Some grooms wanted to get more muscular and fitter.  I can help you with all of that, planning the timetable with you up to the big day and giving staging posts throughout.

In order to achieve this, I understand just how important it is to work around your wedding plans because you want to reach your very best shape for one of the most important days of your life.

To do this, we will work in partnership.  I will make sure you can hit your target combining resistance training, cardio and core training.  And you will get in shape using the most efficient methods in the shortest amount of time.

Most brides I see are looking for defined arms and back and a smaller waist while grooms are typically looking for a flat stomach, broad shoulders and a defined chest. There is nothing I find more satisfying than seeing “my” brides and grooms totally happy on their wedding day, knowing they worked hard to achieve their goal and look. 

I have experience in training brides and mums together and brides and grooms together. My goal is to help you beyond the sessions: this is not just a quick fix. I aim to teach you how to maintain a lifestyle so you will keep fit after your wedding day.  Many longstanding clients of mine started with me to achieve wedding goals.  You might find yourself starting a new life in more than one way!

Training regularly at the gym is also a very good way to destress during this very busy period. Booking a few hours a week for focus on your health and fitness will pay off a lot in the long term, whether you are getting ready for the most important day of your life or simply a holiday.  Join me for personal training at the gym in Old Street, central London and be the something new for your wedding day.